Riccy Mitchell is a long-term client of mine who is a singer, songwriter and music producer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry such as Stevie Wonder, Pharrell WIlliams and Floetry.

In 2016 he launched his ‘Love Wars’ EP and employed me to do the EP artwork. The 5 song EP is deep in pop-soul catchy rich tones and live sounding fullness with Riccy’s distinctive vocals pulling it all together. The EP talks about the strong love versus hard struggles and troubles experienced in relationships and this was the sole inspiration for the artwork. The two contrasting concepts brings the heart shaped grenade to a rough and crumpled paper backing which represents Riccy’s rough and edgy vocals and touches on his years of songwriting as a foundation.

Riccy also used the CD cover within his Instagram marketing campaign to drive awareness and promotion of the EP.
Brand management
Design and promo artwork
Web Development
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